Fatimah Hossaini
Photographer, Afghanistan

Fatimah Hossaini is an Afghan artist, photographer, curator, exhibitioner, and the Founder of Mastooraat Organization. She has made significant contributions to the art world, specializing in staged photography. Her work revolves around powerful storytelling, mainly focusing on themes of identity and femininity in Afghanistan. With a diverse educational background that includes a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the University of Tehran, she combines technical skills with a creative vision to produce captivating visual narratives. Fatimah was recognized as a Rising Talent Ambassador in 2022 and became one of the youngest recipients of the Hypatia International Award by CICOP, Italy. 

Through her work, Fatimah Hossaini continues to inspire and engage audiences while impacting the global art community. Fatimah's artwork, characterized by vibrant colours and passionate expressions, has been featured in exhibitions and festivals around the globe, and her works and articles have been published in prestigious international publications. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Fatimah has advocated for women's and refugee rights on national and international platforms, collaborating with the United Nations.


Official Instagram account: @fatimahhossaini