Osama Silwadi
مصور صحفي ، فلسطين

Osama Silwadi is a Palestinian ‏Photojournalist, Visual Storyteller and Folklorist. He began his career in 1991. He documents ongoing conflict. At the age of nineteen, Silwadi worked as a freelance Photojournalist for various local newspapers and later worked for Agence France-Presse (AFP) and Reuters. Moreover, he was a permanent correspondent in Palestine for the GAMMA photography agency. Silwadi believes in using photography as a vehicle in which to archive Palestinian visual history. Furthermore, he prioritizes photography’s broader importance by documenting significant events. Osama Silwadi has Published 11 Photo Books documenting Parts of Palestinian Heritage and passionately engages in projects focused on meticulously documenting Palestinian heritage and folklore. 

Silwadi's determination serves as an inspiration to his students. It reinforces photography's vital role in journalism within Palestine as he continues to enrich the field with his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication.


Official Instagram account: @osilwadi