Mustafa Seven
Фотожурналист, Турция

Mustafa Seven started his career as a photojournalist at Sabah Newspaper Magazine Group in 1995 and continued his career in Hürriyet Magazine Group, Gazete Pazar, Milliyet and finally Aksam newspaper, where he was the photo editor. Afterwards, Seven focused her work on street photography, which he described as "witnessing life". He opened his first solo exhibition named “Tek” in 2013 and participated in many joint exhibitions and festivals. Mustafa Seven is also involved in educational activities. He organizes workshops on street photography and mobile photography and produces joint projects for universities, independent photography associations, various educational institutions and corporate brands.

Seven, a member of the Turkish Photojournalists Association, the International Federation of Journalists, The Turkish Journalists' Union and the FOTON Association, continues to independently produce photographs, describe the street and document the period in which he lives, with projects he has done for local and global brands at home and abroad. His photographs have been exhibited all around the world.