Caroline MetCalfe
Directrice de photographie, Royaume-Uni

Caroline Metcalfe is a Director of Photography and runs CMC consulting. Well connected with photographers, agents and publishers globally she specializes in commissioning, editing, researching and conceptualizing photography, including shoot production and project management in both editorial and commercial spheres.

Most recently Director of Photography at Conde Nast Traveller, her career spans being Photo Editor of several newspaper magazine including the Financial Times, The Independent, Saturday Telegraph magazine and the Observer.

She currently works on a broad range of editorial magazines commissioning covers and 10-12 page photo essays. Primarily she works on a number of global commercial photographic projects focusing on luxury and lifestyle brands.

She has run workshops and discussion groups on lifestyle photography and is a regular judge of high-profile international photography competitions. She participates in portfolio reviews and mentoring.

Caroline is known to be a passionate and resourceful problem-solver with over 20 years experience and extensive global contacts. She has worked with some of the world’s best-known photographers as well as always being committed to encouraging new talent.